THG Team

The Harris Group’s culture is born of our people. We are driven, creative, entrepreneurial, and intensely passionate about what we do. We firmly believe in the power of team building and our energy and ambition fuel the company fire. With the synergy created by multiple minds sharing a common purpose and a strong sense of connection, we deliver potent results.

Unique Structure

The cornerstone of The Harris Group’s foundation is our Business Development team. We function like no other brokerage advisory firm in the industry. The Harris Group combines expert business development associates, dedicated analysts, and experienced transaction managers in an environment of trust and collaboration. Our clients’ experience is simplified: one point of contact, with a highly calibrated infrastructure of support.

Clear Purpose

We are driven by our concept of advisory responsibility. Our unique structure removes counter-productive internal competition, allowing our team to work toward a common goal: serving our clients. In addition, clients benefit from the relationships of not just one business development advisor, but an entire team. Strength in numbers and trust in collaboration expands our reach, thereby creating a multitude of opportunities for buyers and sellers alike.

Power to Act Effectively

With an unchanging, clear purpose, The Harris Group is enabled to act effectively, amplifying the gains of our clients and sustaining long-lasting relationships.